Right Now (01)

It’s one and sixteen AM of Wednesday June thirteenth of two thousand eighteen and I’m writing when a playlist from Spotify named Deep Sleeping is suppose to falling me in deep sleeping. While I’m writing this, coughing of a small cold in my body that go and back this last seven day. The central AC is like my cold: on and off; keep my room cold as my body. Also, I am thinking about five new plans in this summer: diet, gym, financial, education and working plan. I will finish my last shift at current job this Friday and I am going to change my field to something totally different after tree month that I been became a vegetarian.

I stopped while I was in meddle of my planing and thought about my memories that how dramatic is. Then I thought about my blog, this blog. Many of posts are about this dramatic events in my life and many of them written on the posts named in Persian «Alaan» which means right now. Thus, right now I’m writing about right now and the right now posts because I thought maybe I can share my life stories in English and in this blog.

I do not mind about who will read these posts because my blog readers comes from everywhere by google and they might read my posts from eight years ago or today,  so anyone at anytime are able to read my stories from this night to the end of my life.

I will write about how I found myself as a gay and made this blog. Before that, I should update or make new pentagon plans base on my favorite way which is answer to five question. What should I do? Why? How, where and when should I go? however it’s too late for now, so I’m going to bed.

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  1. از جیمیل میفهمی می‌گوید:

    سلام شایان جان
    این رو می‌دونم که حقیقت جاودانی وجود نداره ولی با تمام وجودم برات آرزوی موفقیت دارم
    فقط ازت می خوام که اگر یک درصد هم می تونی بهم ایمیل بزنی تا ازت مشورت بگیرم
    عشق که در هر چیزی هم نباشد
    عاشقانه آن را می یابم
    پیوست: هر چی گشتم نتونستم ایمیلتو پیدا کنم. راستی من نصف مطالب وبلاگتو خوندم و می دونم که در صورت قلبی بودن مطالبت تونستم بفهممت. خوشحالم که از خودت تونستی یک زندگینامه ارائه بدی. و ازت خواهش می کنم که نظرمو منتشر نکنی.
    به کمکت فوق العاده نیاز دارم


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