As a matter of act


It’s a week after the death of George Floyd, but the backlash still lashes US: streets with protesters and tear gas; many businesses on fire or looting.

Here in the North, some Canadian took action and went out to show their solidary and address the same issue coast to coast to coast yesterday. In Montreal, police used tear gas, but in Vancouver, it was almost peaceful. Today, I went downtown and I see the signs that they are left over around the Vancouver Art Gallery.

While I was photographing, a wind gust flew some of the signs. When I tried to put some of them back, I asked myself: am I acting now? Then I saw a sign wrote, «I cant breathe», which refers to the last words of George Floyd. I left that on the sidewalk and sat in front of it to capture that with a person who walks by. A metaphorical picture to show someone who is a bystander as the moment of Mr. Floyd has died.

While I was capturing some shots, a white girl, with a heart icon tattoo on her hand, stopped and took the sign to put it back. She saw another one and grabbed that as well. Then a black boy on a bike stopped and grabbed another one and passed to her to put it back. This was in the opposite of my purpose of shooting.

The moment reminds me of a great article by Zeno Franco and Philip Zimbardo titled «The Banality of Heroism«.

a long shot of signs laid-off on the side walk of Vancouver Art Gallery.
Signs laid-off on the King Edward VII Fountain wrote "white silence costs lives".
A person in black walk by a sign on a sidewalk wrote "I can't breathe".
A person in gray grabbing a sign on a sidewalk wrote, "I cant breathe".
A person in gray while holding a sign, grabbing another one wrote, "Black lives matter".
A person in gray with a man on a bike in a long shot outing a sign on a sidewalk.
A vertical long shot of a sidewalk with signs on the ground.

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