Right Now (02)

It’s eight minute to midnight of Sunday July twenty ninth of two thousand eighteen and too much things going on, but I’m doing well while I can not understand how.

I change my job and new job is tough for me. I am professional fundraiser now which I always love to be a part of fundraising for a charity. people get help from them; people help people from them; I am not work for them; however, I am the connection of the power of helping in a half capitalism country. For sure I’m a seller, but I sell kindness to people. While people buy kindness and donate to a charity for helping their target people, I smile and feel I made that money for those people.

Also something is wrong in my life and I know what is it, but explain that is too hard. I need more time and energy to fix it or I need to fight it. In these couple days I have to chose. Fight against a things doesn’t means we going to fix that because there is a possibility of losing. On the other hand, when we want to fix something with deep analyses, then we will be the master of that situation who control everything. In a battle there is violence, damage, suffering, getting hurt. I survive all of my life and I am not scare to get hurt; however, I am smart enough to understand when, where and how should I fight or fix.

Now after writing this I can understand why I am doing well: life experience. Did I say I will telling you my stories? well, sorry for late. I was too busy as always here in Toronto, but I promise next week I will write the first post. pop in soon folk.

4 دیدگاه مال خودتان را بیفزایید

  1. از جیمیل میفهمی می‌گوید:

    Thanks for you, but you doesn’t say for me. I understand but i need your help!
    Thanks😉 منم دارم تمرین می کنم تا زبانم خوب بشه ولی ازت می خوام که حتما بهم پیام بدی. منتظرت هستم. دوست جدیدت البته اگر قابل بدونی.


  2. از جیمیل میفهمی می‌گوید:

    خیلی بد گند زدم ببخشید. Don’t say


  3. از جیمیل میفهمی می‌گوید:

    سوتیم فاجعست😂😂😂


  4. از جیمیل میفهمی می‌گوید:

    سلام شایان جان
    هر روز دارم چیزهای عجیبی کشف می کنم! خیلی عجیبه! مجله ی اقلیت واقعا عالیه. دمتون گرم. من تازه دارم می خونمش. ای کاش می شد تا متنامو برات میفرستادم یه نظر میدادی


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