Circle of Finding

It’s long time I’m alone. Maybe I can say whole of my life I was alone. Absolutely my family stand with me, but I talk about a special person who can coming with me side by side. 

Also, I can say whole of my life I have been looking for a buddy for make a family together, so why am I alone? What’s the problem?

Explanation about that is hard because 27 years are behind it; However, in a sentence I’m trying to say: I spent my life for a stupid love, and I feel he killed my sense while I have been free of that. I lost my confidenc, and disappoint about find it.
What was I supposed to? Life continues, and my life too. Steve Maraboli said, «Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient.» It’s true, and I go alone and stronger.

Last week, I thought I’m hiding, and asked myself: how do people can see me and getting to know while I’m discreet? I tried to back to gay apps, but doesn’t work. I find two boy who LTR minded and monogamy wanted. I don’t feel they are eager, and  been a little disappointed and hiding again. 

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  1. Cordelia می‌گوید:

    I’m impressed! You’ve managed the almost imlessibpo.


  2. We’re pretty much poised to take over the world. All hail Supreme Commander Jordan, leader of Fayetopia!I can’t wait until Texas secedes from the union and we get to battle them for control of the spice routes. It’s gonna be awesome!!!


  3. I feel that is an interesting aspect, it made me think a bit. Thanks for sparking my considering cap. From time to time I am getting such a lot in a rut that I simply feel like a record.


  4. عليرضا می‌گوید:

    I left an comment on one of your first posts in this blog but I didn’t know that how wide is your blog and now i know that.
    I told you please speack about refugee who are living in turkey and i will help you in this way but i understood it you were a refugee and I’m happy becase i came to turkey 45 days ago and i got refugee but i don’t know any thing about it.
    Can you please help me?


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